Zurich Baroque Orchestra – hibou 2023 with “Du Matin au Soir”



23rd of August 2023, Freibad Letzigraben Zurich

07:15: Le Matin (at the pool)

12:30: Le Midi (on the terrace of the pavillon)

19:30: Le Soir (at the back pool with the wooden lying surface)

alternative date: 30th of August 2023


 2nd of September 2023, Botanical Garden Zuerich within the scope of the “Zurich’s Long Night of Museums”

houerly short concerts: 6:30 pm, 7:30pm, 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm, 10:30 pm


 3rd of September 2023,  St. Peter’s church, Zurich

4 pm: musical talk with Lara Stanic, Monika Baer & Rentae Steinmann; moderation: Andreas Müller Crepon

5 pm: concert

7 pm: walk in the city with the ornithologist Carola Reetz



•  Joseph Haydn, Sinfonien “Die Tageszeiten”

Symphony D major Hob. I:6, “Le Matin”

Symphony C major Hob. I:7, “Le Midi”

Symphony G major Hob. I:8, “Le Soir”

In between “Sonnenstand”, short compositions by Lara Stanic


(created: 6th of February 2023)