The hibou-Foundation

The aim of the hibou-Foundation is to support both materially and ideationally projects in the four fields music, theatre, visual arts (including photography, film and video) and literature.

The hibou-Foundation comes under the regulating authority of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (EDI) and is therefore entitled to be active abroad and internationally. The hibou-Foundation was founded 2012 in Zuerich and has ist domicile in Thalwil since 2014.

The offer of reward proceeds once a year after an aforegoing deadline for applications. These applications have to introduce prospective projects, i. e. projects which are implemented after the following date of publication ( Dates). Annually several projects can be awarded. Attention is payed to select few projects which in turn are granted substantial figures. We aim at single or main funding. The granted funds must be used for the specific purpose and in project related manner.

Outstanding and sublime achievements can be awarded by the bestowal of the mere ideational honorary-hibou.

Award decisions are taken by the Board of Trustees.

For our detailed inclusion and exclusion criteria as well as the information required on projects see Information for applicants.


Anna Katharina Kuenzle is responsible for this web site’s content to its full extent.


(last update: 3rd of January 2017)