exclusion criteria

documents which…

 don’t meet the foundation’s intent

 are handed in by email or by other electronical means

 are not handed in in time ( dates)

 are worded in general terms or comprise insufficient informations about the project or the project’s responisble

 relate to grants for education or further education

 relate to pleas for the financing of stays abroad or livelihood

 cover several independent projects

 don’t meet the foundation’s schedule ( dates)

 are secondary applications with the very same project

 present a restaging of a project already realised

 are primarily social, pedagogical, therapeutical or educational even though they are realised with artistical activities

 religiously or politically motivated

 come from active or former members of the board as well as their relatives of first grade

 are sent to the private address of a member of the board

 insufficiently stamped without any return address



 more than one application of the very same person or group of persons during the submission’s intervall ( dates) 

 established institutions and fixedly subsidised houses as well as state, city or communal institutions


(last update: 31st of December 2023)