Information for applicants

Applications must include the informations given in the pdf below but additional information like CDs, illustrations &c we like to receive. Please acquaint yourself with the inclusive and exclusive criteria further below.


Mandatory the applications must be handed in at the hibou-Foundation’s postal address. Applications and data electronically communicated  are neither considered nor answered.



Inclusive criteria
Projects encompassing music, theatre, fine arts or literature (preferrably in German language) whose documents are handed in during the above mentioned timeframe and materialise after the subsequent date of publication ( Dates). The very same person or group of persons can submit only one application per above mentioned timeframe ( Dates).


Of no importance are

Nationality, domicile or age of the applicant

Place of project execution

Duration of the project

Additionally no connection with Switzerland is afforded; neither of the applicant nor the project.


Exclusive criteria

Applications with missing, insufficient or vague informations

Applications for education bursary

Applications for the financial support for stays abroad

Petitions for livelihood

Applications in general terms

Dossier concerning or comprising several independent projects

more than one application of the very same person or group of persons during the above mentioned interval

established institutions or permanently subsidised ones, as well as state, municipal or communal institutions

predominantly social, pedagogical, therapeutical or educational projects even if they are realised by artistic means

religiously or politically motivated projects

 Projects priorly applied for at the hibou-Foundation

Active or former members of the Board of Trustees as well as their first relatives

Applications sent to the private address of members of the Board of Trustees



Does an application not show any exclusive criterion the received documents are confirmed postally. No electronical messages are given or answered for this purpose nor any verbal particulars furnished.

 All documents are held back until the date of declaration.

We appreciate to receive further information respecting applications accepted for further examination which are important to know for the foundation (such as stand and curse of things and planning, financial development &c).

 The documents of not-selcected projects are whenever possible returned to this date. A statement of grounds for election or non-election is not given.

The awardees are informed by telephone whenever possible and the election is confirmed in written form.


Does an application show one or more exlusive criteria the documents are sent back with a statement of grounds.

Does an applicant hand in an application with exclusive criteria repeatedly the foundation allows itself to keep the documents without commentary.


The Board of Trustees maintains silence towards third party about applicants and projects unless an applicant is mentioning his application in the presence of third party spontaneously.


For handed in documents no liability is assumed.


(last update: 30th of November 2018)