guerillaclassics – hibou 2023 with “The Uninterrupted Song for the City


installation & live interaction:

26th of June – 2nd of July 2023

the archives of the  Museum’s Rietberg are going to be shown as an installation with sound and video material

29th of June – 2nd of Juli 2023

4 stagings on 4 days in the  Museum’s Rietberg, in which the musicians are interacting with the sound montage in the room for 55 min



Sinzo Aanza (creation)

Hiromi Gut (creation)

Samuel Baah Kortey (curation)

Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock (curation)

Valentine Michaud (saxophon)

Andrej Eden Sekulović (cello)

Vincent Glanzmann (percussion)

Huguette Tolinga (percussion)

Rokia Bamba (elektronics)

Andreas Brüll (sound design)

Jere Ikongio (film)

Vladimir Petrov (AI-coding)

Philippe Kocher (AI-design)


(update: 22nd of May 2023)