Simone Keller & Raphael Camenisch

 Swiss citizens

Pianist & Saxophonist

for the planned project “SuperSonic” with concerts for hearing and deaf people



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Aurèle Ferrier

Swiss citizen

Master of Fine Arts

for the planned short film “Birds” (WT), a reflection on fragile existences at the edge of a little metropolis


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Manuela Casari & Serge Honegger

Swiss citizen and Swiss-British dual citizen 

• Geographer & Dramaturg

 for the planned project “Street Ballads” , in which contemporary Swiss and Bulgarian Literature is combined with musical improvisations and performed in Bulgarian museums


→ www.sergehonegger.com

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 “Street Ballads” (English)

“Street Ballads” (Bulgarian)


(last update: 16th of June 2022)